Are you Confused about Home Solar Panels?

Don’t feel bad. There is a lot of information – and confusion – out there. We invested a year studying the newest solar energy technology before we started Legend Solar.

And we keep studying. We keep researching the latest solar technology to save you time because we think you want up-to-date answers you can trust and understand, now, so you can make informed decisions.

You probably want to know; will home solar panels save you money? Is it affordable? Will it provide reliable electricity so you can turn on your lights and run your appliances for years to come?

The short answer is, yes.

Home solar panels are one of the most ecologically sound investments you can make. An average home will fit enough solar panels to reduce your electric bill to close to zero, or zero.

That means your home solar panels produce the amount of electricity you use during the year.

Your home solar panels replace high priced power from the utility company with your own solar-generated electricity. As utility companies raise their electric rates every year or so, your home solar panels will continue to produce clean, inexpensive power with no increase in their cost. I will talk about solar panel costs in a future post.

In just a few weeks from when you book an installation, your home solar panels will be producing clean solar-generated electricity. Your investment will probably be the same or less than you are now sending away to the utility company.

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