5 Myths About Solar Energy, Debunked

Solar energy isn’t something regular folk do, right? We all believe it’s too expensive, too difficult to maintain, just too much.

In fact, solar energy is a very attainable — and smart — choice for us regular folk to make. Here are the myths and facts.

Myth #1: Solar is Only For the Rich

Fact: This may have been true once upon a time, but as solar power has evolved, it’s done what all technologies do over time — gotten cheaper. In fact, the price of solar power has dropped 80% since 2008.

Parts are less expensive and technology has advanced to make solar cells more efficient.

Not only that, but the government offers tax credits. And with plenty of financing options, even zero down options, solar power is definitely within reach for the masses. In fact, across the globe, solar energy is cheaper than purchased electricity.

And the savings you receive from solar power pay for the cost of installation within seven to fifteen years — two to four years if you’re able to take advantage of incentive programs.

Myth #2: It’s Better to Wait for the Technology to Get More Efficient

Fact: Solar energy has indeed grown more efficient over the years, but by and large, we’re still using the same solar power technology we were using back in the ‘60s.

Technology will always advance, but take comfort in the fact that solar power is a more stable technology. Plus, your solar panels will work for decades. No sense in delaying improvement.

Myth #3: But Solar Panels Are So Ugly!

Fact: Public opinion is changing on the fashion of solar panels, as people recognize them as an environmentally-smart decision.

And modern solar panels are designed to contour more closely to your roof than older solar panels from the ‘70s (many of which are still working just fine — without needing to be replaced yet, by the way).

In addition, you have options, like thin-film and non-reflective solar panel roofing shingles. And if you’re worried about resale value, rest assured: homes with solar panels sell faster, and for more money, than homes without.

Myth #4: Solar Panels Require Too Much Maintenance

Fact: Solar panels are as easy as pie to maintain. With no moving parts, the typical recommendation is to simply hose off the panels once a year and to remove large debris. Solar panels now even come with monitoring software that can alert you to any drops in power generation.

Myth #5: Solar Doesn’t Work in Cold or Cloudy Locations

Fact: Think you can only use solar power if you live in a sunny state like California, Arizona, or Florida? Think again. Cloudy conditions don’t damage the effectiveness of solar power; it continues to work on foggy days.

In fact, colder states like Massachusetts and Maryland produce the same amount of solar energy as the sunny states. Plus, the light reflecting off snow actually helps solar panels work better.

So don’t stress. No matter where you live, solar power has a place — and it’s attainable for you.

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