Which Solar Panels Produce Most Electricity?

Top-quality solar panels produce more electricity each day than lower-cost economy panels. That makes a huge difference over time.

Properly mounted solar panels are set at an angle to capture the most sunlight during the day. The amount of electricity solar panels produce varies during the day. When you check your MyEnlighten® monitor, it will show you that before dawn your panels start at zero, because there’s no sunlight.

As the sun rises, your solar panels start to produce, and the amount of electricity increases through the morning. Between about 10 am and 2 pm, your panels will likely produce the most electricity. As the sun slides into late afternoon—as long as the sun is shining on any panel—your system will continue to produce electricity. When the sun no longer strikes any panel, the day’s production stops.

That’s how a top-quality system works.

Unfortunately, many lower-quality solar panels only produce as much electricity as their least productive panel.

Lower-quality solar panels don’t start producing until later in the morning. Even though the rising sun hits some of the panels, the shaded ones haven’t started producing electricity yet, and they bog down the whole system—like having one dead battery in a flashlight.

When the sun finally shines on the shaded panels, the system starts producing electricity and continues until the sun passes its zenith. When the sun stops shining directly onto any panel, the whole system bogs down again. Lower-quality solar panels are kind of like a string of those Christmas lights, you know — when one goes out — they all go out.

The difference in production for one day may not appear significant. But after a few months, the extra hours of production you’ll get from a top-quality system really add up.

Imagine all the extra electricity you’ll be able to use when you add that extra production – every day – for twenty-five years or more.

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